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User Interface Design for Mere Mortals® takes the mystery out of designing effective interfaces for both desktop and web applications. It is recommended reading for anyone who wants to provide users of their software with interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use. The key to any successful application lies in providing an interface users not only enjoy interacting with but which also saves time, eliminates frustration, and gets the job done with a minimum of effort. Readers will discover the secrets of good interface design by learning how users behave and the expectations that users have of different types of interfaces.


User Interface Design for Mere Mortals succeeds in parting the veil of mystery surrounding effective user interface design. Whatever your background, the For Mere Mortals format makes the information easily accessible and usable.


You can purchase or find further information about this book on the InformIT publisher site.

Eric Butow is the CEO of Butow Communications Group (BCG a Web design and online communication firm located in Jackson, California. Eric has been a technical editor for IDC Books and authored or coauthored over eighteen books since 2000. He has also written articles for publications such as SD Times and produced 30 issues of Sacra Blue, the award-winning monthly magazine of the Sacramento PC Users Group.

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