NoSQL for Mere Mortals® guides you through solving real problems with NoSQL and achieving unprecedented scalability, cost efficiency, flexibility, and availability.


Drawing on 20+ years of cutting-edge database experience, Dan Sullivan explains the advantages, use cases, and terminology associated with all four main categories of NoSQL databases: key-value, document, column family, and graph databases. For each, he introduces pragmatic best practices for building high-value applications. Through step-by-step examples, you’ll discover how to choose the right database for each task, and use it the right way.


Whether you’re a database developer, data modeler, database user, or student, learning NoSQL can open up immense new opportunities. As thousands of database professionals already know, For Mere Mortals is the fastest, easiest route to mastery.


You can purchase or find further information about this book on the InformIT publisher site.

Dan Sullivan is president of the Ballston Group (, a consulting and education firm specializing in business intelligence and portal design. Widely recognized for his work on the use of unstructured data in business intelligence, he is a columnist for DM Review magazine and

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